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  Album Network Review
- Baltimore-based Cubic Feet have established a very respectable touring base up and down the east coast in support of their two previous releases, Across the River and Passenger in Time. Driven by the songwriting team of vocalist Mark Davison and guitarist Woody Lissauer, the band puts out a pleasant adult, alternative-pop sound that's strong on vocal harmonies, hummable hooks and tight rhythms courtesy of bassist Bronson Wagner and drummer Keith Cronin...  


 Music Monthly
- On Inside Rail, Cubic Feet proves that the third time is the charm, as their most recent album evidences. Packed with a polished sound and crisp production courtesy of Pete Solley (a perfect match for the group's honed approach), the foursome of Davison/Lissauer/Wagner/Cronin hit the mark this time out...The key ingredient to the mix is the counterpoint harmonies exhibited throughout by Mark Davison and Woody Lissauer...It's obvious Byrds-flavored leanings put the band on the path from the Inside Rail to the winner's circle!
   - Mark Bounds


  Babysue Review
- This is the third full-length release from Baltimore's Cubic Feet. the band is led by Mark Davison and Woody Lissauer, who together co-wrote all the songs on this disc. The band plays basic, upbeat pop/rock music that's heavy on melodies ad harmonies. Chiming guitars and upbeat rhythms complete this picture. These tunes remind me of a whole slew of other bands, yet these guys' inspired writing and playing make the music sound vibrant and alive. Our faves are "If I Only Knew" and "Wheel in a Wheel". Good stuff. (Rating: 4 of 5)
   - Babysue


The Living End
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