Passenger In Time Reviews

- It's always nice to hear good independent music spitting in the face of the odds. On this disc out of Brooklandville, Maryland, Cubic Feet provide cubic inches of good music. Operating on potentially harder A3 turf than folkies and songwriters, Cubic Feet's core is singer Mark Davison and guitarist Woody Lissauer who bounces melody off of a tight rhythm section. While the opening "You Got Me" is a good starting point, subsequent tracks like "The Sweetest Thing" and "Caroline" work as well.
   - Kent / Keith Zimmerman


  Underground Sounds
- If you're into the newer alternative (Weezer, Green Day) you might want to check this band out. This CD contains eleven tracks and was produced by Cubic Feet. Their sound is very upbeat and refreshing. Their songs center around hope and bright prospects when the going gets tough...If you've had a long day and you just wanna kick back, Cubic Feet would be the ideal band to pop into your stereo.
   - Julie Michaels


  Album Disc-patch

- ...The music is on an energetic caffeine buzz, the lyrics (mostly love songs) are sweet, and for the listener, there is nothing too demanding. Mark Davison along with Woody Lissauer make up the heart of Cubic Feet and they use tried and true rock methods to come up with their catchy songs...I would compare them to XTC, after listening to songs like Passenger in Time but they are much too upbeat and rock out their music in a very American way that the comparison is weak at best. This leaves me reaching back to the great 70's bands like Styx and Journey, back when it was easy to enjoy a good song - nothing fancy. Passenger in Time is actually the band's second release, the first being Across the River. For just their second album, the group is incredibly polished and professionally sounding and sure to be a commercial success.
   - Christine Klingbiel

Across The River Reviews

 Houston Public News
- This Brooklandville, Maryland band deserves a base a lot larger. Their menacing, hooky pop tunes evoke a time when radio cared a lot more about individuality and creativity than about how homogenous their play lists sounded. With little (if any) repetition, Cubic Feet has managed to craft an armload of clever tunes - unchallenging lyrically but full of sprightly turns of instrumental and vocal phrases...Hopefully, Cubic Feet's next album will garner the band a little more attention - and even if it doesn't, it's good to know that somewhere out there, good pop is still being attempted, in spite of what Billboard seems to be showing us.  
   - Elliot Meacham


  Maryland Musician Magazine
- On the turntable right now is the debut release from Cubic Feet, Across the River, and everything is top notch. From the cover art to the photography to the production to the songwriting to the talent, this record is one of the finest I've had the pleasure of experiencing...It's a killer record to say the least. Congratulations Cubic Feet on a great release.  
   - Suzie Mudd


 The Hard Report
- Baltimore's Cubic Feet is headed by Mark Davison and Woody Lissauer...[they] have retained total control of this project, going so far as to build their own studio, Cubic Studios, and releasing the album on their own label, Meteor Records. The result is an eloquently stylish and engaging album, featuring a smooth Sally Scruggs on keyboards and rounded out by bassist Mike Gillispie and drummer Crash Kundrat... 
   - Lisa Riegel
The Living End
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