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 Houston Public News
- This Brooklandville, Maryland band deserves a base a lot larger. Their menacing, hooky pop tunes evoke a time when radio cared a lot more about individuality and creativity than about how homogenous their play lists sounded. With little (if any) repetition, Cubic Feet has managed to craft an armload of clever tunes - unchallenging lyrically but full of sprightly turns of instrumental and vocal phrases...Hopefully, Cubic Feet's next album will garner the band a little more attention - and even if it doesn't, it's good to know that somewhere out there, good pop is still being attempted, in spite of what Billboard seems to be showing us.  
   - Elliot Meacham


  Maryland Musician Magazine
- On the turntable right now is the debut release from Cubic Feet, Across the River, and everything is top notch. From the cover art to the photography to the production to the songwriting to the talent, this record is one of the finest I've had the pleasure of experiencing...It's a killer record to say the least. Congratulations Cubic Feet on a great release.  
   - Suzie Mudd


 The Hard Report
- Baltimore's Cubic Feet is headed by Mark Davison and Woody Lissauer...[they] have retained total control of this project, going so far as to build their own studio, Cubic Studios, and releasing the album on their own label, Meteor Records. The result is an eloquently stylish and engaging album, featuring a smooth Sally Scruggs on keyboards and rounded out by bassist Mike Gillispie and drummer Crash Kundrat... 
   - Lisa Riegel
The Living End
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