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 Music Morsels
- This is the fourth CD from the Baltimore area's songwriting duo of Mark Davison and Woody Lissauer. They prove once again on "Superconnector" that they are one of the more solid songwriting tandems in the county, combining elements of folk, pop and alt rock with a gutsy feel. The hook-laden lead track "In My Room" has that sort of subtle power and intense acoustic drive that are the hallmarks of a hit record. The wonderful vocals laced with harmonies add great personality to the music, very noticeable in songs like "Vancouver", one of the better tunes on the album. "All Is Good" is reminiscent of the early days of XTC, with a thought-provoking intensity to it. Lyrically, the songs are intelligent and inspired throughout the thirteen tracks, adding further dimension to the music. The solid core of back-up musicians is the final piece to the puzzle, and the result is a work that should be a breakthrough for this talented duo who have already created a widespread buzz with their previous efforts.   
Mark E. Waterbury 


  Music Connection - Top 20 Demos of 2002
- Melodic, guitar-driven pop-rock done extraordinarily well by a Maryland three-piece, this album is characterized by tight playing, relentlessly tuneful songs and distinctive lead vocals by Mark Davison. “Vancouver” is a paen to that city, while “Hold On Me” and “In My Room” are equally lively (though the latter has a creaky bridge). Safe as milk, but extremely crafty, all of these songs cry out for a Dawson’s Creek episode. The band knows every inch of their territory, have put out other albums, and could be an overlooked gem.


 Music Monthly – The Wollan Report
- BCubic Feet hails from B’more and this three piece has just released their fourth album, Superconnector. It’s got flash and is well crafted indeed. This effort comes to us by way of Fowl Records and it sounds like they have a solid band here. The artists behind this great collection of work are Mark Davison and Woody Lissauer. Man this is some damn fine music here and I am placin’ my bets on the table with these cats. They have what it takes and my hat goes off to them for putting this out into the world. It’s a bit alternarock oriented but then again, without college radio we would never have heard of some of the best bands out there. Check them out, they are poised for great things to come… 
Laurin Wollan


The Living End
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